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About ELKA

Transforming lives and accompanying you on your journey to better health
Our Mission

Saving lives, restoring hope, enriching our community: That is ELKA Health

Our Vision

Being part of the solution towards supporting, educating, and providing meaningful services to empower women, men, and children, including families dealing with mental health challenges. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment with our supporting staff and experts to accomplish positive outcomes relative to all aspects of social issues, including education, homelessness, poverty, and mental illness.

How We Help

Through education, empowerment advocacy, and targeted treatment needs

Who We Help

  • Adults: Restore hope to adults who struggle with social issues, including poverty, homelessness, relationship challenges, insecurities, and mental health issues.
  • Children: Support, educate & nurture children facing self-esteem, homelessness, and mental health challenges as they develop and grow to meet their full potential.

Who We Are

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ELKA Healthcare Services LLC is a licensed outpatient practice in Maryland, providing mental and behavioral health care services for individuals of all ages and ensuring that they receive quality care and treatment that best suits their unique needs.

From medical, social welfare, and health support services to behavioral and mental health challenges for those struggling with different forms of addiction and mental illness, our professionals are ready to lend you their expertise. Our company was built on compassion and our drive to empower you to choose wellness. We also work to educate you on how you can transform your life for the better and access what community resources are available to you to move toward a happier, rich, and more fulfilling reality.

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For additional details about the services we offer, please contact us at 443-501-3614.